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Ron Smith

Forward Thoughts on City Council


journey began growing up on Main St. in Griffith (Northwest) Indiana in "da Region".  I went to St. Mary's Catholic School for most of my elementary education. My Dad, John, worked in the steel mills for 42 years after returning from WWII and my mother "Connie" was a stay at home mom.  My mothers' parents were immigrants from Hungary and I grew in a bilingual household. My brother, Paul, introduced me to playing guitar and sometimes took his little brother to big concerts in Chicago. 

I moved to Bloomington in 1974 to attend Indiana University graduating with a BA in Political Science in 1979.  I ran a retail shoe store on Kirkwood Ave where Kilroy's is now located and then began working as a Job Developer for persons with intellectual disabilities at a Rehabilitation agency in Mooresville.


After a few years, I began working for the State of Indiana Division of Developmental Disabilities in Case Management monitoring services and group homes in Bloomington and surrounding communities. Following, I went to work for the Indiana Department of Child Service for a new unit conducting fiscal audits on county Foster Care programs in an effort to find additional Federal reimbursement the counties had missed. The unit found several million dollars in additional federal funds. During this time I completed a Master's Degree in Social Work from Indiana University at the IUPUI Campus.

My journey then took me to the Indiana Institute on Disability and Community at Indianan University where I helped design and teach a curriculum for people who worked as Direct Support Professionals in Group Homes.

Next I joined the Indiana Division of Aging completing Federal Reports and Data Analysis.  Lastly, I ended my career with the State of Indiana Office of Medicaid Policy and Planning monitoring the compliance of one of the companies who administered the Medicaid insurance program in Indiana as well as completing Federal Reports and Data Analysis.  I retired from the state after this job.

After leaving the state, I worked for the local Area 10 Aging on Aging returning to Case Management for about 3 years before retiring from full time employment.   


I believe my work background in developmental disability services, child welfare services and fiscal reimbursement issues gives me an unique background for bringing people together to solve difficult issues as well as working with complex governmental regulations.  Throughout my career I've tried to be an advocate for people whose voices have been marginalized and being on City Council has allowed me to continue these efforts.  


City Council Work

                    Some Highlights                      Since Elected in 2020

You get to do a lot of really great things on City Council. It's a privilege.


Having a Masters in Social Services and working in Social Services for over 30 years with the State of Indiana helped to prepare me for learning about and voting to fund local initiatives for the unhoused, unhealthy and those suffering with addiction.


As Council Member,  I have served on the Jack Hopkins and Community Development Block grant committees funding such agencies as Habitat For Humanity, Amethyst House, My Sister's Closet, Hoosier Hills Food Bank and too many others to mention in this short space.  

I've also been thankful to work on affordable housing issues with the Housing Insecurity group and lucky to see how council work helps people right here in Bloomington.  

I've been very proud to work with my City Council colleagues since being elected in 2020. They are a very good group. 


The Council doesn't always agree with the Mayor or each other, but the democratic process works and the results are considered thoughtfully and thoroughly.

I opposed and voted against annexation, higher taxes and city fees, large apartment complexes without affordable units and purchasing the Showers building.


I advocated and voted for an increase in Police Officer and AFSCME workers salaries. I advocated and voted for more neighborhood control over plex developments. 

I've work hard to earn your continued support and I hope your vote in the May 2 Primary.

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